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Tuesday, 26 March 2019

The Five Elements and Sexual Energy

Today I am reading a book by my Grandmaster Mantak Chia entitled "Chi Kung for Prostate Health Sexual Vigor". This book is particularly interesting as it explains how sexual areas hold a lot of points directly connected to other organs which are connected to the five elements.

"The five elemental energies of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water encompass all the myriad phenomena of nature. It is a paradigm that applies equally to humans."

He is basically saying that sexuality is not just about making love or having sex per se which is very narrow meaning of what sexuality is all about.

He says by managing our sexually, keeping healthy and channel all sexual energy we can really charge the whole body and particularly the brain will be better charged to operate in its optimum capacity.

Weakness or problems in sexual organs cause all useful and creative energy get blocked and we will have so many problems in our body.  We will mostly feel sleepy, weak,  not creative and lazy.

By cultivating time on managing or doing exercises in our prostate and getting our prostate healthy then we will enable the pumping station of our energy work in full capacity and we will benefit greatly.

Prostate Chi Kung will prevent men from getting prostate cancer at the age 50s or 60s. 

I can relate easily with my traditional "Penis Gourd" in the highlands of New Guinea that helps all highlanders never got any prostate cancer at their 60s and beyond and even they get married and do well. Penis Gourd keeps the air in the sexual area clean and let the organ and prostate breathe freely that makes the energy flows freely throughout the body.

Since Melanesians start wearing underpants and clothes then "the boy" gets locked up in our own modern prison without any breathing space making all energy being blocked and Melanesian men today become weak, lazy,  heads not working properly.

Let us join the Walk for Life, Yoga for Life, Smile for Life and Breathe for Life with Melanesian elder in Port Moresby soon

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