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Thursday, 11 April 2019

Multi-orgasmic Couple is Normal according to Universal Healing Tao System

I am a Melanesian and I. Know this topic is somewhat hidden among men and women in Melanesia. Only in men's house or among the women we know conversations about sex and sexuality arise,  but I must acknowledge that our discussions are mostly unhealthy, unclean, and shallow.

By unhealthy I mean we talk a lot about wasting life force or sexual energy rather than saving or using it for our life now and tomorrow. By unclean I mean we only focus on animal-like sexual intercourse that is very animalistic and inhuman inany ways.

By shallow I am saying our talks and therefore understanding about sexuality is still very wild and not helpful for human development purposes,  particularly physical and spiritual developments.

My Grandmaster Mantak Chia has written a book entitled "Multi-orgasmic Man", in which he talks in details about how we can enjoy our sexual relations healthy and at the same time healthy for mental,  physical and spiritual lives.

Mantak Chia says when we have sex we need to "1. Expand, 2. Embrace, 3.  breathe, 4. Circulate, and 5. Exchange" out life-force energy  or sexual energy, male and female energies interact, interconnect and interchange, making this life become more enjoyable and this blissful.

We Melanesians understand sex as a way to produce out children. Full stop. We discuss sex as something to enjoy right now right here and a few seconds later we turn our back and snore out of feeling tired due to the loss of energy from ejaculation.

We know is sexual intercourse and ejaculation. Full stop.

In fact Taoist masters for thousands of years uave development practices or what Mantak Chia calls Sexual Kung Fu to help both men and women to have pleasurable, enjoyful and blissful sexual relations that he calls having multiple orgasms both for men and for women.

I do hope at one point of time we Melanesian men and women will sit down, learn, discuss and practice this teaching qnd will enjoy our lives in our beloved Paradise Islands.across the South Pacific.

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